Our Services

We provide complete support in the following areas:

  • Networks, Servers, Computers, Software
  • Internet VoIP Phone Systems
  • Security Camera Systems

IT Network:
Routers, Modems, Wireless
Printers, Scanners, FAXs
Internet, DSL, Cable, Fiber optics, T1

Server Systems:
Microsoft Business Servers
Micrsoft Exchange Servers
Data Sharing

Security Administration:
Virus, Spam, Malware, Pop-ups
Firewalls, Secure data access
Blue screens, frozen/slow PCs

Computer Work Stations:
Computers, PCs
Macs, Apple, iPads
Laptop, Tablets

Equipment Maintenance:
Slow PCs, Upgrades, Optimize
Upgrade PCs, Hard drives, Memory
Backups, Password recovery

Software Applications:
Cloud computing, Google apps
Office suites, Quickbooks, CRM
Antivirus, Junk mail filters

Business Productivity:
Remote access, Remote support, Remote computing
Data/Applications networking and sharing
Link multiple offices

Mobility Solutions:
Smart phones, PDAs, Blackberry
VoIP phones, Softphones
VPN, High speed mobile internet

New Office Setup:
Design/implement new office layout & setup
Install wiring, network, equipment
Move & install IT equipment

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