About Us

Our Expertise:
CompuNetWare’s business & technical expertise is in three areas

(1) IT Support: Networks, Servers, Computers, Software, Facilities
(2) VoIP Phone Systems, Phones, PBX, Service
(3) Security Camera Systems and Networks

We are also very experienced in business management areas such as Program Management and Project Management. We combine our technical and business expertise to provide complete IT Support for your business and projects.

Our Organization:
CompuNetWare, LLC is a State of California registered limited liability company since 2005. We have been in the Information Technology business since 2001. We provide IT support 24/7!

We differentiate ourselves by providing professional and expert IT support,  guaranteed response time, 24/7 Technical Support and commitment to complete customer satisfaction. We judge ourselves by how satisfied our clients are with our services.

Our Goal:
Our goal is see our clients think of us as their “Out-sourced IT Department”. This requires our clients to think of us as their business partner who is accountable, responsible, reliable, available, competitive and looking out for the client’s long term business success. This is what we strive to do

Our Clients:
Our clients are businesses and professionals working is a variety of different industries. Our clients are generally located in Southern California, but we also provide our client complete support for their offices located all over the US.

Our Training & Experience:
We beleive in and have a strong commitment to training & experience. Our training includes formal degrees in Electronics Engineering and Business Administration. Our experience includes innovative solutions for large technically challenging projects

Our Teams:
Our teams consist of highly motivated, technically competent, completely accountable members dedicated to deliver timely solutions & support for your IT projects and needs to your complete satisfaction

Our References:
We beleive that the strongest references come from other clients. That is achieved by satisfying clients everytime they call us. This requires delivering consistent, timely and competent IT Service and Support everytime. Our clients will attest to that should you request references.

Another rating which we are very proud of, which comes after years of consistent quality, professional and business performance, is our “A” Rating with the Better Business Bureau. This rating reflects our commitment to a high level  of quality, technical, business and customer satisfaction.


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